Centennial inheritance

    The “Gao Jianfa” business name of Fujian Gaojianfa Tea Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in the thirty-fourth year of Guangxu (1908). It was founded by Huqiu, Anxi County, Lindong Village, Gaobanglong and Gaojinbang brothers. The inheritance spectrum is as follows;
    First generation,

    Gao Biaoqi (Guidaoguang Wuzi Year May/1828, Youshan Tea)
    Second generation,

    Gao Banglong (co-founded and operated by Gao Jianfa in 1908) (born in the first month of Xianfeng 癸 ( (1853), also known as Gao Yiming) (In the early years of the Republic of China moved to Xiamen Meiren Palace to open Gao Jianfa Tea House)

    Gao Jinbang (born in the Tongzhi Bingyin Year (1866) March) (In the early years of the Republic of China, he went to Singapore to develop family overseas trade)
    Third Generation,

    Gao Wei (born in Guangxu ugly year (1889)) (continued to operate Gao Jianfa Tea House)

    Gao Yunping Gao Yunzhong (opened a family overseas trade branch in Singapore in 1918 “Gao Jian Tea Tea”)
    Fourth Generation,

    Gao Minghua (born in the Republic of China (1912) November)
    Gao Mingli and others (born in 1955, operating Singapore's Gaojian Tea Industry) (developed the tea factory in Anxi into three processing plants)
    Fifth Generation,

    High-definition good (born in 1937, engaged in tea production)
    Sixth generation,

    High-touch (born in 1961, led Gao Jianfa to reproduce the light of the past)
    "Gao Jianfa" tea industry has come all the way, one heart for tea, the same boat, the lily of the world, a hundred times cherish; strive to recreate "a hundred years of high construction", the Chinese tea culture will be carried forward.

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