Manor introduction

          Gaojian Tea House is a comprehensive eco-tourism tea estate with oriental charm invested by Fujian Gaojianfa Tea Industry Co., Ltd. The manor covers a total area of ​​about 2,500 acres, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, and is constructed in three phases. The estate integrates tourism, sightseeing, wine, leisure, scientific research and talent cultivation. It is divided into tea variety garden, oolong tea germplasm resources, water-saving irrigation demonstration zone, planting mode zone, production demonstration zone, tea culture and leisure zone. Eight functional areas such as the field department and processing area, and the characteristic tea culture appraisal cabin.
          The manor is located in Xianjia Mountain, Shuangge Village, Huqiu Town, Anxi County, with an altitude of 850-955 meters. It is surrounded by clouds, beautiful mountains and clear waters. It is a good place for health and leisure. The manor is convenient for transportation. It is 35 kilometers from Anxi County and 23 kilometers from Xiasha Expressway. It takes 1 hour to reach Xiamen Airport and Quanzhou Station.
          The estate will be based on the combination of organic production, organic life and ecological protection. In accordance with the natural agricultural law and ecological recycling, we will strive to transform the ecological environment of the tea garden with the help of organic production technology, and build a sustainable production system in an effort to achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Make people enjoy a healthy organic life. After the completion of the project, Gaojianfa Tea Estate will become the organic tea garden with the widest coverage, the most beneficiary population, the best ecological environment and the most complete functions.
    The manor will be based on tea as the theme, ecology as the foundation, landscape as the characteristic, quality as the backing, culture as the soul, tourism as the link, expand the function of the modern tea multi-industry, and actively promote the tea industry to the three industries. After completion, Gao Jianfa Manor will become a multi-functional eco-tourism resort integrating ecological agriculture planting, tea garden holiday, ecological leisure, business reception and tea culture promotion.
          Anxi, a magical land, Gao Jianfa is driving the opportunity of history, always adhere to the concept of green, ecological, environmental protection, organic, and recycling, with innovative ideas and pioneering spirits to write to the world the "Gaojianfa Tea Manor" struggling to rise. This green safe and magnificent poem.

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